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Realtor Performance Series

                                             Focus on Quality for Yourself and Your Customers

1) Are you providing service to customers with one "foot on the brake"?


2) Are there subconscious impediments stopping you from reaching your goals? 


I'm hosting 3 mental tune up sessions with guest speakers Doctor's Waitley, Reardon and Coopers. All three masters in performance psychology. 

Tickets are free but seating is limited to 50 per session in order to keep the events interactive. I expect the sessions to fill up quickly and will be held from 1-4pm. Priority tickets offered to current Realtor partners. 


Glendale: June 9th
Irvine: June 10th
Riverside: June 11th

Chicago: June 14th

Milwaukee: June 15th

To avoid last minute drop-ins and accommodations, location addresses will be sent to participants directly.

Thanks for submitting!

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